1.  Members must carry their membership card at all times and produce it on demand to the doorkeeper or any authorised officer.
  2. Any members of the club using obscene language or behaving offensively in the club will be liable to expulsion from membership of the club.
  3. Any officer of the club divulging any business transacted by the committee shall be dealt with by the committee.
  4. Any member of the club having any complaint or suggestion must forward same to the committee in writing.
  5. No notice of any kind shall be exhibited on club premises without prior approval of the committee.
  6. Any member damaging club property or committing a nuisance on club property will be dealt with by the committee.
  7. No member of the club shall be allowed to hawk, raffle or hold draws for personal gain in the club.
  8. No animals will be allowed in the club except guide dogs by permission of the committee.
  9. No members of the club shall be allowed to invite other clubs or parties as visitors. This must be done through the committee.
  10. Lawful gambling and betting is allowed, but at times of family entertainment, i.e. bingo, bands, cabaret, disco, etc, it is only allowed in the lounge bar.
  11. No drinks to be consumed outside the club building except in the smoking area at the rear entrance of the club.
  12. Children must be kept under strict parental control at all times and must not be allowed to wander around the club. No children on the dance floor after 21.00hrs unless accompanied by an adult.
  13. Perambulators and pushchairs are not allowed in the club. These must be left in the entrance hall.
  14. Associate members and/or visitors may be refused admittance at any time at the committee's discretion.
  15. Members introducing guests into the club are responsible for their guest's behaviour. Should their guest contravene any of the club rules or bye-laws, the member is liable to be disciplined by the committee.
  16. Room at the bar must be kept at all times for people to purchase their drinks.
  17. Access to the bar must be by the main and rear entrances only.
  18. Food cannot be consumed on the premises unless purchased from the club. Prior committee approval would be required for special occasions.
  19. No person under the age of 18 years to be served at the bar.
  20. No person under the age of 16 years may play on the dartboards.
  21. No person under the age of 18 years may play the gaming machines.
  22. Children must not be left in pushchairs in the foyer or allowed to play in the car park.
  23. Members wishing to play snooker must at all times adhere to the rules as displayed in the snooker room.

By order of the Committee.

Secretary: R Berry

Transposed on 1 February 2011 from the Club Bye-laws posted on the club noticeboard.


Last updated: 27 January, 2023 09:16:14