1. Starts with 53 Cards in fifty-three envelopes which will be shuffled by an independent person on the first draw night.
  2. All Cards will be individually sealed in Brown envelopes, and this will be overseen by two members of The Committee.
  3. Weekly Draw winner gets £10 and opportunity to pick a Card
  4. Joker wins Jackpot bonus starting at £100
  5. An Ace wins bonus of £20
  6. A King wins bonus of £15
  7. A Queen wins bonus of £10
  8. A Jack wins bonus of £5
  9. Therefore, approximately a one in three chance of picking a bonus winner.
  10. Tickets to be sold at £1 a strip.
  11. Tickets will be on sale from 7pm on Friday evenings
  12. Ticket Holder must be present in the club at the time of the draw which will be completed at approximately 9.15 pm or half time of the Bingo whichever is the later.
  13. The cards will be kept in a locked Frame with the key only available to the Secretary and President or appointed member of the Committee.
  14. Twenty percent of all raffle ticket takings will be retained by the Club with the remainder being added to the weekly Jackpot.
  15. The Jackpot will be capped at £2,000. If the Jackpot reaches this level further monies received will go towards a Reserve Jackpot or Jackpots.
  16. To take part an individual must be a fully paid-up member of the Club.
  17. Staff or Committee members are not allowed to take part in this draw.
  18. The committee reserve the right to amend any of the above rules in the best interests of the Club.



Last updated: 27 January, 2023 09:16:28