Rules for admission to the Club


So long as the club shall remain a member of the Union all Associates of the Union shall subjected the following provisions of this rule be admitted to the club premises, and intoxicating liquor may be sold to them by or on behalf of the club for consumption on the premises. An associate before being admitted to the club must produce his subscription card (showing that his current subscription card to his club has been paid), the Associate Card of the Union and the Current Pass Card issued by the Union, and must write his name and that of his club in the Union Associate Book, to be kept for that purpose. An appointed official shall compare the signature in the book with that on the Associate Card, and on being satisfied that the signatures correspond shall admit the Associate. Associates shall have the same rights and privileges and be subject to the same rules and by-laws as ordinary Members, except that they must not vote at any meeting of the club, take books out of the library or take away intoxicating liquor for consumption off the premises. The committee may refuse admission to Associates or limit their admission to such times and parts of the club. Notice if such limitations shall be sent to the Union General Secretary.

No Associate of the Union shall be admitted to the club unless his subscription shall have been paid in advance for the month in which he seeks admission to the club.


Members shall cease to be members:

(a) By non payment of subscriptions. Any person whose membership has ceased from this cause shall not again be nominated for membership unless they previously pay all arrears due from them at the time of their ceasing to be a member, and such other additional fee or fine as the committee may in its discretion determine.

(b) By expulsion

(c) By resignation

(d) By death


The Secretary or the President or in the absence of both Officers, any Officer present upon the club premises shall have the power to order the withdrawal from the club premises of any member who misconducts himself and such members shall have no right of re-entry to the club premises until summoned to meet the committee, as provided in Rule 15. If the next ordinary meeting of the committee be within three days, such member may claim to appear before them, and to have his case dealt with waiving the length of notice required by the said Rule 15.


A Member or an Associate may personally introduce friends as his guests, but no Member or Associate may introduce more than Three Friends at anyone time. The visitor and the Member or Associate introducing them shall sign their names in a book kept for that purpose, The following shall not be admitted as visitors:

(a) Former members who have been expelled

(b) Former members who have ceased to be members through non - payment of subscriptions.

(c) Persons who, having been nominated for membership, have been rejected.

(d) Members who are under suspension.

Members and Associates must accompany guests introduced by them during the period of their stay in the club, and no guest shall be permitted to make any payments for intoxicating liquor directly or indirectly.

The committee may debar a member or Associate introducing any particular person as a visitor if they so think fit and may prohibit a member or an Associate introducing visitors during the hours when licensed premises are not open for the sale of intoxicant to the public.

By order of the Committee.

Secretary: R Berry

Transposed on 20 May 2011 from the Rules for admission to the Club posted on the club noticeboard.

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