Car Park arrangements in the Central Precinct's car park.

Letter from the Chandlers Ford Snooker Club - dated 16 March 2012.

Dear Central Club Secretary,

As you may be aware the parking in the Central Precinct is now managed by a company that uses cameras to record car registration numbers. A computer works out if the car has been in the Precinct for longer than 3 hours, if so it generates a fine using information from the DVLA. This is sent by post to the car owner's address.

In the past your club and the Precinct have managed to help each other with parking problems. I am aware that your customers park in the Precinct on your busy nights when our Precinct is normally quiet and we have used your spaces during the day when you have been quiet. I hope to continue with this arrangement.

To allow your patrons to park at any time for more than 3 hours in the Precinct they will now have to come to our reception within the snooker club and enter their car registration into a touch screen monitor. Provided they ask my staff for permission to do so out of courtesy this should be fine.

The parking controls do not include spaces at the rear of Ketts House (Printroom) or the Chinese take away.


Jim Everett.